Girlfriend Perfume

Girlfriend is the beginning. The start of something beautiful. It is the first hello, the first touch, the first everything. Its about butterflies. And rainbows. And hugs and Kisses. It is madness sprinkled with sanity.


Saturday Night Perfume

Life is a story. Life is a journey. Life is a fairytale. Explore new places, meet new people, make new friends. Reach for the stars, slide on a rainbow, love to the point of madness. Live free. Live in the moment.

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DIScover India Studios

Our Health & Hygiene Division Rx JASS+ Plus website is launching soon- one stop destination for all your personal and business sanitisation needs. The number of products in this range is limited and restricted to what we actually believe we need in our daily life at home, travel, work and personal space. We are not launching too many variants or products as the purpose of this initiative is very clear to us at @worldofjass and our distribution partners in Australia, India, Europe and the Middle-East— Quality, Compliance, Convenience, Availability and Affordability.

OFFICE+ is our subscription service for commercial establishments like supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, gymnasiums, places of worship, industries, etc., where the safely and hygiene are of peak concern now after the pandemic has changed our lives and made such a huge impact on how we take care of ourselves and our people. We have already installed these dispensers in various places across India as a pilot run and are delighted to launch this service nationwide and into other countries as soon as possible. Quality, effectiveness, convenience and safety have been the most important factors while designing the dispenser and the refill subscription plans. Customers can chose from various options depending on usage pattern, number of employees or members, number of visitors, volume per application, etc. The sanitizer supply will be door delivered on monthly basis ( weekly or even daily for larger establishments) This service is also ideal for schools, housing colonies, apartment complexes, shopping centres, large format stores and other public spaces. Various government departments too are in discussion for installation in their offices. Since our production capabilities are limited for now, all fulfillments are on ‘first come first served’ basis only. Our team can be reached through a DM here or

We will be launching a smaller dispenser HOME+ shortly. And will keep you posted here till the page is active.

Capacity 5 Litres

Capacity 1 Litre

Capacity 2 Litres

Capacity 25 Litres