World of Jass

@worldofjass we believe that at the core of human nature some things never change – excellence, honesty, loyalty, integrity, love, kindness, generosity, family, friendship, and all the priceless flecks which make us who are. The essence of what makes us truly human is what makes us tick @worldofjass. The perfumes we create are inspired by you, your dreams, your stories, your successes, your lifestyle, and by everything that makes you so uniquely ‘you’.

We have been making and selling fragrances across the world for almost three decades now. This beautiful journey started with the ‘jasmine’ flowers sourced from a tiny world renowned village in the south of India. Soon this pure fragrance became a household name in the middle-east, known to be the largest consumer of fragrance oils, and AHSAN was born.

We continuously responded to lifestyle changes, innovation and technology while maintaining the simplicity and transparency on which the brand was established. @worldofjass was born out of a deep desire to make world-class fragrances affordable and available to everyone.

Perfumes for long were closely guarded secrets and made available only for the powerful and the wealthiest across the world. When a new Perfume was created anywhere, the kings and the royalty would have the first and exclusive access. Unfortunately, this concept stayed strong and perfumes have till date been a domain of the rich and powerful. Perfumers till date keep a very small group of people in mind while working on new creations. Cheaper, and in many cases, fake versions are then made available for the mass market based on what is popular with the rich and famous. We are here to change that.

Times have changed. Gone are the days when our everyday choices were influenced by celebrity endorsements. The choices we make today are solely, completely, totally and genuinely ours. Unadulterated and authentic.

World of JASS

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