Targa Florio

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Two proud years indeed for us to be the Official Fragrance Partners of the Targa Florio Australian Tribute.

First run in 1906, the Targa Florio has grown to become one of the great names in motor sport. It has been held every year on the roads of Italy until 1940, before returning once more in 1947. Run in one of the most enchanting Italian regions, Sicily, the race has always started and finished in Palermo, typically covering a route of approximately 600-700 kilometres. Before Formula 1 racing, the Targa Florio was the most difficult and challenging race for cars on earth, attracting the great racing car drivers and the most important international car makers, such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lancia, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

Today, the Targa Florio is not just the world’s most ancient road race, but a tribute to classic cars and beautiful scenery. It is both a motor sport event and historical tribute to the legendary cars that participated in the original race and now also includes, the ever-popular Ferrari Tribute. It is an event that brings together the beauty of classic cars and the fascination of the great races to a passionate audience from across the globe and for over 80 years it has stood as a symbol of passion for cars, luxury, and elegance.

The Targa Florio Australian Tribute is the only official Targa Florio tribute event outside of Italy.


Top: Bergamot, Mandarin
Middle: Geranium, Violet,
Base: Patchouli, Cashmeran, Musk

Manchester, United Kingdom
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The classic JASS FRESH, popularly known as Jass Number One, has been our flagship product since the brand was launched and continues to be the largest selling fragrance across countries. JASS FRESH has maintained its market leadership position in its category because of our commitment towards delivering a world-class fragrance at prices that can make it possible for millions of people to use their favourite perfume everyday. We also initiated changes towards sustainability and JASS FRESH was the first fragrance ever launched without a cap. This may sound strange even to those who use the fragrance but never noticed that the bottle comes without a cap. It was a huge decision when the product was launched and everyone warned against doing it. Our conviction and deep belief in providing great products in ways that are responsible, sustainable and affordable stood strong and we launched the product without a cap. This may not mean much to look at, but saves tonnes of water, reduces pollution and carbon footprint by a reasonable amount. Though complete elimination of non-sustainable components and practices is a dream, we are taking small steps towards this goal and will continue to break conventions and change ‘this-is-how-it-is-done” mentality. The bush fires in Australia and the Amazon, melting icebergs and the global pandemic that we are going through now, are all indicating that a change is required. We do not have a huge team to analyse and plan environmental changes but we are staying compliant to all international applicable laws and that is just the beginning. We stay committed to providing our @worldofjass family across nations the best of products and services in a sustainable, affordable and responsible fashion.

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