eXPerience is a hands-on guided workshop
    led by an eXPerienced perfumer who will take you through the entire
    ‘CREATE your own fragrance” process at our XP Lab
    or a place of your choice ( Minimum attendance applies/ Prices will vary ).
    The CREATE process is divide into various stages
    that we usually refer to as



    eXPlore the complete range of ingredients

    Begin your journey by learning a little more about the history and some myths about perfumes, get familiarised with various ingredients and their scents, and get an exclusive peak into what we are doing at @worldofjass to change the way perfumes are designed, created, advertised, marketed and bought

    DIScover their characteristics and behaviours

    Listen to your soul. Pick what you believe will go into the making of your Signature fragrance. Eliminate the ingredients that don’t fit in with your personality and into the character of the fragrance you want to create. This stage is a beautiful way to discover what you truly like. And discover who you are.

    inNOVAte and make a selection based on your personal preferences and style.
    This stage includes the final process of blending, bottling, labelling and marketing your Signature Fragrance

    This is the fun stage. So Swirl and Smell and Measure and Pour and Mix and Spray.

    What will XP Lab provide?

    All the required equipment
    A selection of required ingredients and perfume oils

    take away

    A personalised fragrance designed and created by none other than you
    A 25% OFF on all our products online
    A 50% OFF on all XP & WORLD OF JASS Merchandise

    A complimentary membership to the elite eXPian Club
    Avail exclusive invites to events and fashion shows, offers on new launches

    Your unique formula will be stored in our fragrance library for 3 years so you can re-order it in the future with refilling options of 30ml and 60ml bottles